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Stop smoking services from Public Health Agency on Vimeo.

                    Cancer AwarenessCancer aware                                             Your Life, Your Choice!Choose to live better



 You Are Not Alone!Lifeline              When Stroke Strikes Think:Stroke     


Are You Ready To Quit?  Want to Stop                      Take Care Of Your Mental Health Minding Your Head




Care in the sun 

Sexual Health Clinics

We have produced a list of easy to access sexual health clinics which are totally confidential!

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          The Pregnancy Book                            Pregnancy Booklet                                              Birth to Five Booklet      Birth to Five Book                                     





The Steps to deal with stress booklet      Stress Booklet



Leaflet for parents explaining why a healthy break is so important for pre-school children and some tips and ideas for healthy nutritious breaks.

What we eat every day has a big impact on our health – from the amount of energy we have when we get up in the morning to our risk of developing conditions like heart disease and cancer in the future. A healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive – we can still eat a wide range of delicious foods, while keeping an eye on our intake of sugar, fat and salt.

Cervical screening video link

The Cervical Screening programme has produced a video to show what happens at Cervical Screening.  Please click on the link for further information.


Bowel Screening video link

A new video about what happens at bowel screening has been produced by the Public Health Agency. It covers how to take the test, processing the samples at the laboratory, receiving your results and being called back to colonoscopy. It is hoped the video will help clear up confusion about how to take the test and clarify the process. The video is also available in British and Irish sign language and subtitled.

The video is on the Northern Ireland Cancer Screening Programmes website at the following link:

Breast Screening video link

The Breast Screening programme has produced a video to show the what happens when women attend their appointment for a mammogram.

The video is on the Northern Ireland Cancer Screening Programmes website at the following link:



The Pain Toolkit

Do you live with persistent pain? Use the link above to find out more.

Meningitis Symptoms Free Mobile App

If you suspect meningitis you need to seek help urgently. Download this useful app to help you spot the signs and symptoms of meningitis.

Cancer Screening Services In Northern Ireland

Use the link above to find out more

Cancer Focus NI Can Support You And Your Family

Use the link above to find out more about Cancer Focus Northern Ireland.

Download Free Action Cancer 'Breast Aware' App

The BreastAware app presents an easy way to understand how to become more breast aware and aware of lifestyle choices that can increase or decrease your risk of breast cancer.


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