Childhood Vaccination Schedule and Parenting

Childrens Vaccination Schedule

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Pregnant women & the Flu Vaccination

It is recommended that all pregnant women should have the flu vaccine, whatever stage of pregnancy they're in. This is because there is good evidence that pregnant women have an increased risk of developing complications if they get flu, particularly from the H1N1 strain.

Studies have shown that the flu vaccine can be safely and effectively given during any trimester of pregnancy. The vaccine does not carry risks for either the mother or baby. In fact, studies have shown that mothers who have had the vaccine while pregnant pass some protection to their babies, which lasts for the first few months of their lives.  


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Parenting NI

Being a parent can be a difficult job, for which most of us get very little training or preparation and every parent experiences difficulties from time to time. Sometimes they may seem small, but cause a lot of worry. Sometimes they are major family crises. In many cases it helps to talk to someone outside the family.

Parenting NI is here for you when things seem too much via a freephone helpline or local appointment and counselling service in 11 locations around Northern Ireland including Whitehead and a range of parenting programmes.

If you would like to talk through a family issue or find out more about the range of services which Parenting NI offers contact: freephone helpline 0808 8010 722 or e-mail

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