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When you call in to organise a consultation, with the GP, our GPs have asked our staff to gather some information.  This is to help us prioritise things, and also identify what other support may be available to you, from either within the surgery, or with other trusted local partners, such as pharmacy, our colleagues in the Belfast Trust, and many others; often you won't need to speak to the GP first in order to access these services.  This is care navigation, and helps us create capacity in a busy system, and helps us point you in the best direction of who can help you.  Please take some time to explore the "Services" section of our website, where we have listed many of these services you can access.

Please note we are trying to address GP consultations primarily by FACE-TO-FACE consultations, with telephone consultations only being undertaken in exceptional circumstances.  This is primarily because this is what our patient body have been asking for, and it enables a more thorough examination, and is discussed in more detail in our Spring Newsletter.

GP consultations are all by pre-arranged appointment, and are in Donegall Road.

There is no facility for "walk-in"/"open surgery" arrangement at this time.

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