Configure Prescription Details

How can I order my prescription?

You can order your prescription in the following ways:

  • Please order online as a first preference - this helps ease pressures on our phones.
  • You can phone us on 02890 325679, during working hours; please try to call after 11am if at all possible.
  • You can also drop a written request into the Red post box in our Front porch, ensuring you clearly state your name, address, date of birth, and the medication you require.; this box is here to avoid queues building at our reception desk, but assistance is available if you require.
  • You can post a written request to us, ensuring you clearly state your name, address, date of birth, and the medication you require. (If you would like to have a prescription posted back to you, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope).

Speak to our colleagues to register for our online services today!

Repeat Prescription Collection Service

The practice operates a repeat prescription collection service, whereby, your nominated pharmacist collects the prescription which can then be obtained from the phamacy. Times pharmacies will take to collect and prepare your prescriptions may vary, but we would suggest allowing 72 working hours after ordering, to allow time for the pharmacy to collect and process your prescription (in some instances it may take them a little longer, for example if they have to order medicine stock specially).  

Please ask at reception for further details and to obtain an authorisation form (one for each person).  Please note, that once a preferred pharmacy is put in place, to avoid confusion, all prescriptions will be automatically diverted to this pharmacy.  Please clearly state if you do not wish this to be the case in an individual circumstance (eg. if item is needed urgently and you wish to collect yourself). 

If you supply us with stamped addressed envelopes, we may be able to post the prescription to the pharmacy - however given occasional delays or disruption to postal services, we would recommend you consider nominating a pharmacy close to our surgery, or that is able to call into our surgery regularly, in the first instance and as a preferred option.

Medication for other members of the family

Please do not request medication for other members of your family while consulting about yourself.

We aim to have all prescriptions ready for you or your representative to collect within 24 working hours, but this may take up to 48 hours.

If your pharmacy collects and prepares your prescription for you, please allow them additional time to do so for you.

Please do not telephone to see if prescriptions are ready - this takes up valuable staff time.

Repeat medication is something that you receive on a regular basis. Not all medicines are on repeat and some have to be authorised monthly by the Doctors (these include pain killers; antidepressants; sleeping tablets). This is for patient safety reasons, and does not mean you won't receive this items if requested; however these requests require a greater degree of scrutiny to ensure their ongoing suitability for you.

Key Points to Remember

  1. Please allow at least 24 working hours excluding weekends and Bank Holidays to obtain your repeat prescription.
  2. If you think you are getting side effects from your medication contact the surgery as soon as possible.
  3. Not all medication is suitable to be given as a repeat, this will be decided by your doctor. The usual amount supplied is also decided by your doctor.
  4. Only take the medication that your doctor has told you to take. Some medication that you can buy over the counter can affect your prescribed treatment. Please let the doctor know if you are taking regular drugs which you buy over the counter.  If purchasing over-the-counter medicines, please tell your pharmacist about prescribed medications you may be taking.
  5. Please let us know if you are no longer taking any of the drugs on your repeat list so we can update this for you
  6. Please only re-order medicines that you need. Stockpiling medicines may lead to waste if your medicines are changed or they go out of date.
  7. Please tell your doctor if you wish to stop any medication. Some medication should not be stopped suddenly.
  8. Do not share your medication with anyone else, or take anyone else's medication. This could be harmful.
  9. Always check instructions for storage. Store your medication properly, in a locked cupboard, in a cool dry place, out of reach of children.
  10. Dispose of unused medication responsibly. Take it to your usual pharmacy. They will dispose of it safely. Do not flush down the sink, toilet or put in dustbin.
  11. It is your responsibility to keep your medication safe; it is practice policy not to replace lost prescriptions once they have been issued.  This is for your safety and that of others.
  12. Misuse or abuse of prescribing systems, prescription fraud, or attempts to obtain medication through deception or coertion will likely jeopardise ongoing registration with the practice.