Non NHS Services

Services not covered by the NHS

Certain services provided by your doctor are not paid for by the NHS and you may be asked to pay a fee.

Examples of such services:

  • Examination/reports for employment purposes, adoption, child-minding, sport
  • Examination/reports for insurance purposes
  • Private services – certificates, consultations, prescriptions, Provident Association documents, non-NHS patients, etc
  • Reports relating to fitness to drive
  • Travel – certificates of fitness, holiday cancellations forms, immunisation, verification of passport photographs, etc.

Charges for these services are displayed at reception, in waiting areas and on notice boards.

Assistance with these non-NHS services should NOT be sought in our emergency open surgery. This limits the time available to spend with our patients who may be unwell, which you will appreciate must take a higher priority, and is our core duty.  The GPs are under no obligation to complete non-NHS work such as verification of passport photos if time does not allow.  Please consider other individuals who may be able to assist you (eg. solicitors, teachers, minister of religion etc).

Why do GPs sometimes charge fees?

The following article discusses this in more depth, and may help patients understand what their fees cover.